Emails are a useful and effective method of communicating However, companies are frequently concerned that legitimate emails won’t reach their recipients. Because of the huge amount of spam that is being sent out through the Internet Many organizations have implemented filters to block email that could be considered spam. To counter this, proactive measures are taken to ensure that emails reach their recipients are in place and aren’t falsely labelled as spam. Let’s look at the various methods to ensure the highest quality of email delivery

Participation in whitelist programs:

Businesses can join in a variety of whitelist programs to make sure that the delivery of emails to recipients’ inboxes. Whitelisting agreements can be signed that include AOL, Juno/Netzero, AT&T Broadband and Comcast just to mention some.

* Avoiding blacklists of email addresses:

An unpopular, but popular method of filtering spam is to subscribe in one of the publically accessible email blacklists. Blacklists are made up of IP addresses belonging to businesses that have a history of spamming. Companies can keep track of DNS blacklists based on their location and take proactive steps to safeguard their IP addresses from being listed.

* Sender Publishing Policy Framework (SPF) Records:

Organisations are able to publish Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records for not just their domain, but also for the domains they host on behalf of their clients. The SPF standard is an open one which fights fraud in email addresses and helps detect worms, spam, and viruses through records within the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). Users who have their own domains within their From Line of their outbound email messages are encouraged to publish SPF records on their DNS servers.

* Signing email messages using DomainKeys/DKIM:

These two technologies verify the identity of the sender and guarantee that an email message remains not altered in transit from the sending server to the receiving server. The company can verify all email messages with a domain signature from address using DomainKeys or DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) for optimal delivery to recipients who authenticate messages using these technologies, such as Yahoo! Mail as well as GMail.

“Responding to all spam complaints separately:

While people are able to send legitimate emails that adhere to anti-spam rules does not mean that they don’t beg. Sometimes, recipients forget to sign up for an individual list. It is possible to start by making an inquire to the individual regarding what the reason is for why the address got on the list. Once you have the details, write a letter to the complainant. You can also carbon-copy the response.

* Email server log file monitoring:

A log file analyzer is a tool to look over the log files of email servers for unsuccessful deliveries. The analyzer sends out an annual report to network administrators which can determine whether there are domains which are refusing to accept emails. Sometimes, domains accidentally block emails from the mass mailer networks that send out excessive amounts of emails, even if it’s not spam.

* 24-hour monitoring:

Certain administrators actively keep an eye on the system of broadcasting emails all hours of the day to ensure a an uninterrupted delivery of their customers and their emails to their recipients. The system alerts users if the customer is involved in spamming, or sends messages which could trigger spam filters on recipients from their side.

*The “Spam Check” feature:

Before clicking”Send” or the “Send the Email” button It is suggested to select”Spam Check” first “Spam Examine” button if you have it. Spam Content Checker Spam Content Checker uses the SpamAssassin engine to “score” an email for spam-related content. SpamAssassin is the most popular spam filtering application and performs more than 1200 tests on the email message. For every test an email fails, a score will be given. If the score is higher than a specific amount (usually five points) then SpamAssassin considers the email to be spam. It’s suggested that you modify your email to bring your score to be below five before sending the message to all your recipients.