Over the years, different types of online identity verification APIs have been developed.

However, it is important to understand that not all online identity verification system providers and solutions comply with the standards and qualifications needed by law for most procedures (especially financial sector operations) to guarantee their legitimacy, safety, and trust.

One of the methods that do not comply with the appropriate security standards to verify people’s identity online is the use of images and selfies. This is a process that is usually used to identify individuals for low-risk operations, as it is unreliable and uncertain.

In fact, ETSI has standardised identity proof by recognising video identification as the only legitimate online global verification identity process.

In online banking and all financial companies, the online customer identification process (or eKYC) must comply with strict regulations to ensure their legitimacy and guarantee your company’s and your customers’ anti-fraud safety.

The eKYC process works by verifying people’s identities online. This means doing it remotely and digitally. Therefore, it is in the eKYC process were guaranteeing a secure and effective customer identity proof takes the greater role, being QES+ the only digital and fully remote method that complies with all required legal regulations.

QES+, based on Video ID verification and qualified electronic signature, is the most advanced remote identity verification software and digital customer onboarding. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, this online identity verification software solution ensures the security of the eKYC process even more than the traditional face-to-face method, as it is supported by a digital certificate to verify identity that unequivocally links the user to the document or process they accept. In addition, the process is done automatically and in seconds through a seamless and fast process, while meeting all legal requirements imposed by regulators for identity verification.